How do I create a budget?


Step 1

  Login to the Admin Dashboard.

Step 2

  Select the "Budgets" tab on the left-hand side of the screen.


Step 3

  Select "Create a Budget."


Step 4

  Here you can enter the amount of funds you want to allocate to this budget as well as what you want name it.


Step 5

  If you need this budget right now, select "immediately." If you would like for this budget to be available when your next financial cycle begins, select "next cycle." 


Step 6

  Do you want this budget to last forever or end on a specific date?


Step 7

  If you would like this budget to reset each month, select "recurring." If you do not select recurring, it will continue until all the funds have been used or the expiration date occurs.


Step 8

  When all the information is correct, select "Create."


Step 9

  Now it's time to choose the people you want to own the budget. These people will be in charge of sending and approving funds for various Spenders. When you've selected all the owners, select "continue."


Step 10

  Now you can select the members who will be allowed to spend on this budget. They will have the ability to request funds from the Owners of the budget. 


Congratulations! You have officially created a budget! 

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