What is an online card?


Pay Online
The virtual card feature allows you to generate as many cards as you want. All of these cards will automatically link with your original account. Use these cards to pay for things online. This way, if your card ever gets stolen off the internet by some crazy hacker guy, you don't have to go back and change your card for every account you've ever made. Think about how much time you would waste just trying to change the card number for your Netflix, Hulu, and Apple Music account. Simply cancel that one virtual card you used for that one purchase and now that crazy hacker guy is out of luck!

You have the ability to set any virtual card as a Subscription based card. Use one card for Netflix and another card for Hulu. If you want to cancel your subscription for any account, all you have to do is cancel the subscription card within the Divvy App. This saves you the hassle of searching through the Netflix website trying to figure out how to cancel your subscription. Using virtual cards for Subscriptions also gives you added visibility into how many charges you are incurring on a recurring basis.  

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