How much control does an "Admin" have?

Those who are faithful over a few things are made ruler over many things!

Congratulations on being selected as an admin for your company! We realize it's a big responsibility. That's why we have made things very simple for you. But what exactly do you have control over?

Hone your strategy and map out your plan of attack. Create budgets for individual events, departments, or your entire company on a quarterly, yearly, monthly, or even daily basis. With budgets, you can select how much money will be available and who can access that money. With each budget, you will select an Owner. Owners will be given access to the full budget. Spenders will be able to request funds from the Owner. The Owner will then be able to approve requests made by Spenders. See what you have spent today, what you are expected to spend today, or even set a limit on how much you can spend today. This way you can never overspend on any budget! 

View all of the employees who are using Divvy within your company. Feel free to add more, or even delete some. Here you can see if employees have a physical Divvy Card or if they are given access to be an admin. 

   Recurring Cards
View all of the cards within your company that have recurring expenses attached to them. See in real-time exactly how much you have spent this month; easily compare that with how much you spent last month. 

Worried about who's doing what? View every transaction in one place. 


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