How do I send funds?

As the Owner of a budget, you have the ability to send funds to Spenders


1. Login to your Divvy App.

2. Select the "Send/Request" button on the center of the control bar. 

3. Select " Send."

3. Select the budget you would like to allocate funds from.

4. Select the Spenders to which you would like to allocate funds.

5. Input a description of these allocations.

6. Input the amount of funds you would like to send. Select "Recurring" if you would like these funds to automatically renew on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.  If this is a one-time allocation do not select "Recurring."

7. When you are confident that you have selected all of the correct preferences, select "Send Funds."

Congratulations, you have successfully sent funds to eager Spenders! Life is better when you get Divvy with it🕺💃

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